10 Ways to Make This the Year You Sleep Better

8. Avoid postweekend lag.

Regular to-bed and wake times keep biological sleep clocks on track and make it easier to avoid sleep troubles. Staying up late on a weekend can mean less sleep on Sunday night and challenge efforts to settle back into a routine on Monday.

Try to normalize schedules with less than an hour of variation, even on the weekend. In addition to avoiding postweekend lag, regular sleep and wake times might even help

9. Nap smarter.  depending on time of day and length. Some experts suggest forgoing naps altogether when resetting a sleep schedule. Those who do like napping should try to plan these mini rests near their natural dip in alertness (usually around lunchtime) and limit them to less than 30 minutes so as not throw off nighttime patterns.

10. Keep checking progress

An important part of accomplishing goals is to continue monitoring progress. Set a regular calendar reminder to do so, perhaps once a month. This can help provide encouragement to stick with the plan even after going off track once in a while. There are also plenty of sleep-tracking apps and wearable devices if more detailed monitoring and analytics would inspire greater motivation.

Unlike fad diets and other short-lived goals, aiming to sleep better in 2015 will pay off for years to come. It’s one of the best ways to support several aspects of health at once. It’s easy and doesn’t cost much either. All it takes is a little motivation and integrating healthy sleep habits into the usual routine.

Do you plan to get better sleep this year? What measures help you secure better rest?

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