10 Ways to Make This the Year You Sleep Better

Here are 10 ways to bring home better sleep this year and make it one of better repose and health.

1. Set a better-sleep goal.

The best way to start improving a habit is to clarify a goal. Perhaps it’s getting a full eight hours every night or sleeping and waking up earlier. The key is to set a clear objective.

2. Create motivation.

Consciously thinking about why a goal is important helps develop the motivation to start making progress and continue doing so.

On a notepad, whiteboard or phone, make a list of the better-sleep benefits that seem like the best motivations, motivating, such as becoming healthier, losing weight, having more energy or getting more done. Keep this list in an accessible place.

3. Make a plan and start.

Next, outline the steps to arrive at the end goal. Many people find it easier to adapt to gradual changes. For example, planning to go to bed 10 to 15 minutes earlier each week may be more doable than making a full-scale two-hour change all at once.

Yet, after hectic holiday schedules, a hard reset over a long weekend may feel most practical. Whatever works best for the situation, plan out a few actionable steps to start working on.

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