The Mysterious Himalayan Superfood With Extraordinary Healing Properties

For thousands of years, Shilajit has held a revered spot as one of the most powerful healing tonics in Ayurveda, itself one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of natural medicine on the planet. And that should come as no surprise given the recent scientific research into Shilajit, which has confirmed many of its traditional uses. Quality Shilajit, which begins as a resinous paste, is harvested from high altitudes in the Himalayan mountain ranges of India and Nepal, where it is prized by locals for its ability to seemingly rejuvenate the body from the inside out.

Legend has it that Shilajit was discovered when local tribes saw packs of native chimps regularly eating it as it seeped through cracks in the mountains. Upon further observation they realized that the monkeys who regularly consumed the Shilajit resin seemed to be the strongest, most intelligent and long lived of the bunch. Curious to try it for themselves, the indigenous peoples began ingesting the dark mineral pitch as well. When they too began experiencing similar benefits, they knew they had stumbled on a great discovery.

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