The 4 Reasons Why Biblical Love Can Be Extremely Romantic

Biblical love is often thought of in isolation from romantic love. Biblical love may seem stoic or shallow compared to the romantic love of husband and wife. Is this an accurate picture of the Biblical love God intends for husband and wife? defines romantic as passionate, fervent and ardent – fierce and vehement.

Certainly there are various types of love described in the Bible with the Greek word Agape describing God’s love and the ultimate of what we should strive for in our relationships with others.  However, Biblical love seems to go even further especially when describing the type of love husbands and wives should have for one another by the will of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Here are four reasons biblical love is truly romantic love.

1. Biblical love between husband and wife is romantic because it encompasses all three words the ancient Greeks commonly used for love and then adds a fourth not so common word to describe the ultimate love of God. The New Testament was originally written in Greek.  They commonly used these three words to depict several elements of what we include in our one word love. The Bible mentions or alludes to all three of those elements in talking about true Biblical love between husband and wife, then adds the foundation of Biblical love “agape” which is the most powerful of the four words for love and describes God’s own love for us.

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