Mixed Signals from a Guy: The Guide to Interpret His Intentions

You’re probably analyzing every single thing he’s been doing, right? Trying to put the pieces together—relax, mixed signals from a guy happen.

I should have my PhD in analyzing mixed signals from a guy. I would invest hours, I still do, to sit and think about why he didn’t call me or why he put his arm on my shoulder and then took it off. Though I can laugh at my craziness, knowing I’m not the only one doing this.

I know you’re sitting up at night thinking about mixed signals from a guy too. I know you’re decoding every move he makes and every text he sends you. I know.

The mixed signals from a guy to keep your eye on

Listen, I know you want to figure out the mixed signals and I’m going to help you decode them. There’s something you need to know. The mixed signals, well, they’re called mixed signals for a reason. He’s not sure. I mean, he may like you but he’s not 100% in on the idea.

So, this is the first thing to accept. He’s not as into you as you think he is. That, or he’s just scared. I know you’ll choose the latter, it’s easier on the ego. Men these days, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

#1 He’s not there. Listen, I know you like him or at least the idea of him, but he’s not around. If he was around, he’d be into you. I know you probably think, “Oh, he’s busy, he works a lot.” Listen, no matter how busy our schedules are, we always make time for people we love. Sending you a text but not seeing you is a mixed signal. He isn’t showing his interest.

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