Is Platonic Marriage Real? 10 Reasons to Marry as Just Friends

#3 It’s time to settle down. There are a lot of people who feel pressured to get married. They think by the time they hit thirty they should settle down and find a partner. If two people feel this way, they might agree to get married to each other and start the process of slowing down and settling into their lives as a married couple.

#4 They’re both aromantic. If you’re not sure what aromanticism is, it’s when someone doesn’t feel romance. They have no desire for a romantic relationship so instead, they end up marrying their friend.

This is often between two aromantic people simply because it’s better understood and there isn’t one person wanting romance when another doesn’t. You’ll also find this with two asexual people, as well. Sex isn’t in the equation, and so it’s a platonic marriage.

#5 Covers for being homosexual. This isn’t really all that common today as it was many years ago. Back in the day, when gay marriage or being gay at all wasn’t really tolerated, people would get married so they didn’t draw attention to themselves.

There are even cases when a lesbian woman and a gay man would end up getting married for the sake of appearing to be a heterosexual couple. However, these people are only friends – even if they do end up having children together.

#6 They just want to marry their best friend. Some people get married platonically but then have relationships outside of their marriage. They want children and they’d rather raise those kids with their best friend, someone they care about and admire, than with someone else.

This is usually the case when two people want kids and a family but just haven’t found that special person. To them, their best friend is better than anyone else and they’d rather have them be their children’s parents. Or they just want to spend forever with their best friend instead of some fleeting lover. 

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