How To Reconnect with Your Spouse & Reignite a Flickering Romance

After a few years of comfort and routine, the spark in your marriage can get lost along the way. Here is how to reconnect with your spouse.

After your wedding, you have the honeymoon phase. Everything is new and exciting. But once a few years go by, maybe you had kids, or work a lot, things tend to change. Your marriage goes from romance central to boredom highway, which is why you learn how to reconnect with your spouse.

In order to retain that spark and reconnect with your spouse things need to change once again. Both on your side and your partner’s. There is not one trick to bring things back, but it is not as hard as you may think. As long as you are committed to reconnecting, all should go well.

Why did you get disconnected?

A great way to start reconnecting with your spouse is to figure out what went awry in the first place. It likely wasn’t a fight or any sort of huge situation, but rather you got stuck in a rut.

Maybe you stopped going on dates. Perhaps you feel more like roommates. Or you just stopped listening to one another. All of these things are normal in a marriage. A drought of romance causes a disconnect. But put that back and you can reconnect.

You’re on the right track

The fact that you even realized that things are different is a good sign. Some people go years in this marriage limbo, stuck in a rut they can’t even see. But realizing it and taking steps to reconnect with your spouse already says a lot.

Just make sure you and your spouse are on the same page. Ask them if they feel like you’ve lost the spark you once had. And tell them you want to get it back.

How to reconnect with your spouse

Avoid the ordinary. Do you have a date night once a month and go to the same restaurant and order the same food? There is nothing romantic about that. Do you only talk about your kids, work, and the bills? That makes you roommates, not life partners.

So in order to reconnect, create a balance of what first brought you together and who you are now.

#1 Recreate your first date. Whether you met at a bar, went to McDonalds, or had a disaster date, something from that first date clicked. So recreate it as best as you can. Go to the same place, cook the same food, or even wear the same outfit.

This is a great start because it reminds you both of the days when you did have a connection. And the spark was just getting started.

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