How to Control the Anxiety From Stopped Drinking

Alcoholism creates a serious problem with dependency. The brain starts to use alcohol as its primary tool to deal with stress, and your mind and body actually adapt to alcohol to the point where your neurons start to fire when alcohol has not been in your system for a long enough time.

That’s why when you stop drinking, it’s not uncommon to experience a range of terrible symptoms, including anxiety. It’s even more common to find that after you’ve stopped drinking, anxiety makes you want to go back to alcohol.

Using Alcohol to Control Stress and Anxiety

The problems with quitting alcohol and anxiety start long before you decided to quit. They started when alcohol was used as a coping tool for life.

The key thing to understand is what “stress coping” is. People talk about stress coping techniques like meditation and yoga, but coping itself isn’t a technique but a mental skill. It’s the ability of your brain to overcome stress, and like a muscle it can be trained over time.

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