Entire Physical Body & Reality Overhauls According to Embodiment of Higher Consciousness Love and Light

With these activations, being aware that every moment, the way you feel is going to continually shift, based upon the frequencies activating, how open you are, how focused, how present and how intentional your moments are while REMEMBERING YOUR MASTERY and sharing your gifts/knowledge, sleeping to clear timelines/work in these/activate new ones, and choosing how you desire to “spend” your waking hours…..

As all come to understand that their ENERGY is the most precious thing there is, that REMEMBERING FULLY takes total dedication and commitment, for expanding (y)our own consciousness continually means you are aware of what you are DOING in every moment, the vibration you are functioning from, what you are transmitting and receiving (sometimes we can’t transmit while we are receiving or receive while we are transmitting, when we are tuning or “working/producing”). What you DO with your energy dictates your experiences here. Where one has not fully connected inside, then there is a lot of “waste”. Wasted energy leads to lack of all things abundant again.

Where one is fully (in)vested, then they are dedicating their own energy and resources to accomplishing that which is important and contributes to being in-service for all. It doesn’t matter how we choose to do this. This is the BEAUTY, we get to CHOOSE what WE MOST DESIRE and inJoy immensely whatever it is! Where many suffer from “lack”, is because they won’t jump with everything they’ve got. This is not a “half-way” experience. Those “tries” bring experiences to “show us something” we could not see before.

The most rewarding, both physically and emotionally, will be that which resides deep within our hearts. To connect with others who desire the same, to share together, to support/be supported, to feel this immense love in/with all that we do here. We have to cut out everything in our physical reality world that is not supportive in order to do this though. This is where WE make choices of what reality we do desire to experience here. We let everything go in another direction that isn’t of the vibration of open, sharing, supportive, unity love. Opening this space in our physical reality, in our thoughts, in our hearts….. open the space for more to come forth to occupy that space that IS of the new vibration we truly desire here.

Many will accept old realities because they “believe” that is all there is. They hold fear of “being alone” or “doing without”, which means that is what they must experience in order to understand. Where one can EXPAND THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS to REAL-EYES that it’s the fear or belief that creates these realities, then they will work with the ENERGY OF FEAR and challenge their own mentalities so that they can choose to transmit the energy of a different reality out….. 

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