Affairs in a Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in It

Affairs in a marriage are heart shattering, but are you upset about the heartbreak or are you furious because you’re a loser who was kept in the dark?

Talking about affairs and the way they change lives is sensitive and subjective.

Affairs happen for many reasons, but they have to end someday. It has to end in a relationship or end up breaking one.

They always have repercussions.

No matter how tiny the spark of infidelity is or how big, it always leaves a scar.

After an affair, some relationships bloom and get better. And some others, well they just wither and die.

So why is there such a stark difference in the way different couples respond to an affair?

An affair hurts everyone, unless you aren’t in love with your spouse.

But how is it possible for some partners to forgive a cheating lover while other partners end up hating their lover-turned-foe.

It all depends on the way couples react to an illicit affair, and what they really do about it.

Affairs in a marriage

To understand how you or your partner would react to the news of an affair in the marriage, you need to understand the true emotions that are experienced by the hearer of the bad news.

While an affair can happen for many reasons, the repercussions almost always depends solely on just two factors, the innocent partner’s ego and their humility.

How do you feel when you find out about the affair?

When you do find out about your partner’s affair, how do you feel? You’re obviously shattered and hurt. But what’s the one thing you feel more than anything else?

Is it pain, is it anger or is it humiliation?

While true love predicts that all lovers should experience pain, almost no one feels pure pain. Almost always, it’s anger or humiliation. Of course, you’re hurt. But the pain is bearable, at least at first. The only thing that’s hard to control is the anger or the humiliation. And what you feel at that moment predicts the path your relationship takes. 

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