How to Be More Romantic: 15 Gestures that’ll Make Any Girl Melt

It seems as though romance is slowly dying out in a world where it’s appreciated immensely. This is how to be more romantic and make girls swoon.

Romance is important. However, with the world moving at such a fast pace and everyone’s relationships being reduced to the bare minimum, it’s so hard to find. But if you want to make a girl yours, you need to know how to be more romantic because women crave romance in our relationships.

Which means, if you’re a romantic guy, you’re already ahead of the game. The trouble is, more and more men nowadays are losing sight of what romance truly is. Thankfully, we’re here to set it straight so you can make all the ladies fall for you. If you can nail down being romantic, you’ll win over the most women.

Why you need romance in your love life

Romance is all about making your partner feel loved and special by doing unique things for them. Without it, you run the risk of making your partner feel insignificant and unimportant to you – even if that’s not even close to the truth.

Therefore, you must have romance. Every relationship has to have some level of romance, even if you’re not really the lovey-dovey type. Even the smallest amount of romance can go a long way in making a relationship successful.

How to be more romantic and win over every girl

There’s a reason women watch so many romance movies. It’s because we’re missing it in our lives. We crave that romance and when we don’t find it, we seek it out in other forms – like movies and books.

But if we had a man provide that romance for us, you better believe our attention would be on him. That’s why we’re here to teach even the worst guys how to be more romantic so they can find true love.

#1 Appeal to what’s important to her. It’s really not hard to find out what a woman loves. She’ll talk about it all the time. The things she cares about the most and what she’s passionate about will come across loud and clear.

All you have to do is remember those things and do things that will help her in that way. If your girl is writing a book, read her chapters and give her feedback. Support her whenever you can and even buy her notebooks to jot down ideas in. That is simple romance.

#2 Be there when she’s upset and needs you. If a girl is stressed out and really upset but doesn’t want to ask you for help, be there anyways. Do it on your own. Recognize the signs that she’s in distress and help her with anything. You can even do something little and silly to make her feel better and that’s really romantic.

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