5 Stages of Grief in Divorce and Everything Else in Between

While no one is really prepared to have their marriage fall apart, these stages of grief in divorce at least let you know what to expect if the time comes.

The end of a marriage is one of the most life-changing, if not the most devastating, event bringing a surge of mixed emotions. After all, no one gets married to someone with the intent of eventually parting. So whether your marriage ends amicably or like a violent storm, you still have so many things to mourn and go through the stages of grief in divorce.

One stage is the loss of your spouse, the person who held such a special place in your heart and whom you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. You may also mourn the fact that the future you envisioned and planned to spend with that person crumbled down.

Any huge and devastating loss, such as that of a divorce, results in both parties going through a grieving process. While every divorce is unique and people go through it in different ways, you still feel a range of emotions such as the different stages of grief in divorce. These stages often include denial, anger, bargaining, guilt, and acceptance.

Stages of grief in divorce and everything else in between

While people don’t go through the same stages in the same order, these feelings are what you can expect as you go through your divorce. Here we discuss these five stages of grief and everything else in between. And show you how you work through something as life-altering as being separated from your spouse.

#1 Shock. This is the stage when you may feel shell-shocked with what happened. With this is numbness, like your mind and your body blocks the pain that led to the divorce. For some, this may take just a few minutes of emotionless limbo to even weeks of being in a daze.

#2 Denial. This phase is characterized by the inability to accept the reality of the situation. Thanks to your brain, which is wired to subconsciously prevent suffering and pain, you find it hard to grasp the situation, and this denial somewhat softens the blow of your divorce.

#3 Pain and fear. As the denial wear off, the pain hits you full-force, along with the realization that, indeed, you and your spouse are now going separate ways. With the divorce, pain comes as a familiar feeling weighing on you everyday.

This is also accompanied by fear as your world comes crashing down, especially if you have been with your spouse for many years and are used to having them as part of your routine. This is also the time when you wonder if you’ll ever heal, find someone new, or if you’ll just go through the rest of your life alone.

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