How to be the Best Girlfriend: 25 Ways to Leave Him Addicted

You can’t just land a man and hope he’ll stay with you without any effort on your part. Here’s how to be the best girlfriend and make him stay.

Relationships aren’t easy. If they were, no one would be getting divorced, and everyone would have a significant other. The truth is, there’s a lot of work put into a relationship and not everything comes easy.

Many women jump through hoops to get a guy to like them, and then they don’t do anything to make him stick around once he’s hers. This is one of the biggest mistakes out in the dating world today. It seems like too many people work for the chase but not for the catch.

Making him stay done right

What would you do if some guy tried to sweep you off your feet by bringing you flowers, opening the car door for you, buying you gifts you love, and suddenly just stopped doing all of it once you said yes to being his girlfriend?

Most likely, you’d be mad and probably wouldn’t be with him much longer. Am I right? Why? Because he’s not doing anything to make you want to stay!

How to be the best girlfriend

If you really want to make your man stay, then you need to be a kick-ass girlfriend. Here’s how to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had and make him want to stay for good.

#1 Be attentive. First, pay attention to him. Make sure you’re present in his life and not just a bystander he calls his girlfriend. Watch how his likes and dislikes change and pay attention to them. You’ll be able to better understand him and provide him with things he likes.

#2 Be nice to his friends. Even if you don’t like them, be nice to them. A man’s friends are extremely important to him, and the bond between them is something most women don’t get. So get along with them. He’ll love you that much more for the effort.

#3 Don’t nag him. There is an art form to getting your boyfriend to do something you want. Nagging is NOT the way to go. A good girlfriend avoids nagging; otherwise, her boyfriend gets annoyed real fast.

#4 Understand his man time. Guys need time to themselves without the presence of their girlfriend. If you really want to be the best girlfriend, leave him alone sometimes.

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