13 Signs He Wants to Marry and Spend His Life with You

Is your man seeing you with a white dress and veil…or looking behind you, at that hottie at the bar? We’re looking at 13 signs you’re The One.

Men are some of the most confusing creatures out there. That much, I know is true. They can be giving you all the “signs” and everything can seem perfect, but the moment you initiate the next step in the relationship, they run away screaming like a four-year-old who has just contracted cooties.

This behavior makes it nearly impossible to tell what men are really thinking. And you just can’t ask them because men know almost nothing about how to talk about how they feel. So how do you tell? I mean, am I the only one who wishes they could read minds at times like these?

Signs he wants to marry and spend his life with you

Although men don’t typically talk about their feelings, they actually go to great lengths to show you how they’re feeling. They do little things here and there that really let you know how much they care for and appreciate you.

It can be as subtle as doing the dishes when you’re stressed out, but it definitely means a lot more than just cleaning up after dinner. They’re trying to ease your stress and keep you happy—which speaks volumes, in man-talk.

Every guy is different and they all show they care in many different ways. But these signs he wants to marry and spend his life with you are fairly common. This is how you can tell if they’re thinking about putting a ring on that pretty little finger of yours.

#1 He invites you to all of his family functions. When you’ve met his parents and his close friends, and he begins inviting you to all of his family functions, it’s a sure sign he’s thinking you’re the one for him. He wouldn’t be introducing you to everybody and having you get to know them if he didn’t plan on keeping you around for a long time.

Maybe he also wants them to get to know you and see you interact with everyone. This way, he can be sure that you are not only a great fit for him, but a great fit for his family.

#2 He boasts about you to others. Do you always catch him bragging about you to his friends, family, or coworkers? This sense of pride is not to be taken lightly. When a man starts to boast about his significant other, it means that you have become a part of him, in a sense.

He is now seeing your accomplishments as his own, and by talking you up, he feels better, as well. This means that he sees you as a part of him and his life—which is a sure sign that he wants to make you his and spend his life with you.

#3 He talks about the distant future with you in it. I’m not talking about making plans for next weekend. I’m talking about making plans for next year. If he’s putting you in his very distant plans, this means that he definitely plans to keep you around for more than a short while.

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