18 Emotional Affair Signs You Probably Didn’t Notice

You may be having an emotional affair and not even know it. Use these emotional affair signs to find out if you’re more-than-friends with a friend.

These days, as close as two lovers may be, they can’t always be by each other’s side all the time.

Other than the weekend, most lovers spend a big part of their day away from each other.

And as humans, we have a need to feel loved and appreciated wherever we are.

In all probability, the good times you share with your friends and colleagues may be one of the biggest reasons why you enjoy your workplace.

Falling into an emotional affair

As time passes by, even though you have your own lover, you may start to like someone else’s company too.

At first, it may start off as someone to have a conversation with when you’re bored and your partner isn’t around to talk to you.

And then, the person turns into someone you like talking to.

And before you know it, this person becomes a pretty important part of your life.

Add opposite-sex and stranger-to-your-partner into the equation, and you’ve good yourself a good chance of an emotional affair.

Signs of an emotional affair

An emotional affair is exciting. You get to experience the same flutter of the heart as you feel in love, but in this case, your partner isn’t around. It’s just harmless flirting, isn’t it?

Harmless flirting is good. It’s fun, it’s sexy and makes you feel more confident about yourself and your conversational skills. But is your harmless flirting with a colleague at your workplace turning into an emotional affair without you realizing it?

You may just be more addicted to your *friend* than you think!

18 emotional affair signs to judge your secret relationship better

So could you be cheating on your partner emotionally without even realizing it? Most of us are, and we just don’t know it.

Use these 18 emotional affair signs to find out if you’re having one. And once you get that answer, ask yourself the big question you have to eventually face one day, what are you going to do now?

#1 Your behavior. You’re very friendly with this good friend of yours. But subconsciously, both of you keep some distance from each other when your lover is around. There’s more awkwardness and formality in your conversations when your lover’s by your side.

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