12 Devious Ways to Be a Crazy Ex and Get Your Revenge

Do you want revenge for being dumped on your ass? Bring out your crazy ex alter-ego, memorize these 12 devious ways and prepare yourself for war!

Breaking up usually brings about a whole barrage of emotions, especially if the breakup was particularly ugly. That includes breaking up with someone whom you caught cheating or someone who has abused you. You may want to cry, get drunk, scream, throw stuff out the window and so forth. But one of the first things you’d probably be itching to do is dish out some coldhearted revenge!

Now, most people will tell you that the best revenge that you can possible serve your ex is transforming into a better person while moving on from the toxic relationship.

This includes working out, learning new things, being a financial savant and all those other awesome things your ex would wish you were.

But for those who are more impulsive or have no knack for self-improvement, there are still some revenge tactics you can turn to in order to get back at your ex.

12 ways to be the crazy ex and get your revenge

Take note, all these tips are meant for those who want to be labeled as the crazy ex. Not only that, but they may also land you in jail if you get caught.

So if your desire for sweet, sweet revenge is greater than you love for your reputation and wellbeing, then by all means, try these horrid acts of revenge.

#1 Flood him/her on social media. Nothing says “crazy ex” better than broadcasting your problems online, ten times a day, seven days a week. Your entire social network will see your ex for what he/she was! The added drama will likely get tongues wagging and will also deter those who may be dating your ex.

#2 Hack into his/her social accounts. As a couple, you may have some idea of what his/her password is. Do the guesswork and hack into his/her social accounts. Now that you’re in, have fun with it! You can either be subtle and sneaky or you can be loud and proud!

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